Advanced Adagio Ledger & Payables

During this two day, hands-on workshop you will learn: Adagio Ledger Archived (Recurring) Batches Importing & Exporting Financial Reporter Filtering GL Settings & Options Ledger Tips & Tricks Adagio Payables Manual Checks Reversing an AP Check Reconciling AP to the GL Adagio EFT AP Settings & Options Adagio DocStore Attaching pdf’s to payables invoices Viewing … Continued

Advanced PayDirt Payroll

During this one day, hands-on workshop you will learn: Paycode Maintenance Mass Change Advances & Accruals Wages Clearing Accounts Importing Payroll

Human Resources: Hiring and Onboarding

Where do you promote your job postings?  Is there a process to reviewing and choosing the applicants to interview?  Once an employee is hired, are there policies in place to manage the wage costs and employee time? This workshop will: Give you new ideas on how to create and share job postings to attract the … Continued

Introductory Microsoft Excel

During this one day, hands-on workshop, you will learn: Basic editing Basic formula creation and troubleshooting techniques Frequently used formulas Excel tables Inserting pictures, clipart and wordart into spreadsheets Keyboard Shortcuts  

Accounting Concepts (August)

During this two day, hands-on workshop you will learn: Introduction to Accounting Accounting Terminology Double Entry System Explanation of Assets, Liabilities, Revenue and Expenses Bank Reconciliations General Ledger Chart of Accounts Balance Sheet Income Statement Relationship to sub ledgers Adjustments Accounts Payable Invoices Cheques Approval Processes Record Keeping Payroll Timesheets Processing Payroll Record Keeping  

Intermediate Microsoft Excel

During this two-day, hands-on course, you will learn how to access and use: Ribbon Toolbars Quick Access Toolbar Basic Editing Tables Advanced Formulas VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP IF Statements Date & Time Functions Super Formulas Math Functions how to troubleshoot Formulas Intro to Macros Connecting Worksheets / Workbooks & External Data Using Named Ranges Conditional Formatting Pivot Tables

Microsoft Services

Microsoft PowerPoint/Outlook/Email Inserting and editing pictures and text boxes Slide management tools Outlook shortcuts Email management strategies  

Introductory Microsoft Word

During this one day, hands-on workshop, you will learn: Managing the ribbon, and making the most of the Quick Access Toolbar Review of editing and formatting tools Columns and Tables Headers and Footers Print and page setup  

Intermediate PayDirt Payroll

Some topics that will be covered are: Processing Advances through PayDirt Preparing for T4’s Records of Employment Reversing a Payroll Cheque

Intermediate Adagio Ledger and Payables

Adagio Ledger Creating new departments & accounts Monthly & annual period closing Using Excel Direct to analyze accounting data Monthly reporting, including the Financial Reporter Adagio Payables Payables year end processing Reconciling payables to ledger Options for reversing AP cheque’s Vendor Maintenance