Tailored Services

We’ll get to know you, identify your needs and create customized plans designed to meet those needs. The best course of action for us is the one that’s right for you. We’ll listen, evaluate and advise and offer flexibility and guidance as we work with you. Our goal is to strengthen your financial and organizational knowledge, skills and approach so your community will be fiscally healthy and well managed.

Community Involvement

Because we’re Aboriginal owned and operated, we understand the financial challenges that your community can face. Over the years, we’ve honed a specialized skill set that’s focused on understanding and meeting the needs of First Nations communities. Now we’re able to help connect communities with resources and knowledge for long-term benefit.

Ongoing Support

We’re invested in empowering communities that wish to govern themselves. That’s why we provide ongoing, face-to-face support and continually adapt our programs to improve the delivery of knowledge. Our goal is to provide you with training and support that will help you become confident in managing your financial and community affairs.

Our Values

Our relationship with you is guided by the seven sacred teachings. These teachings inspire our work and partnerships by providing a solid foundation of respect and understanding.

Seven Sacred Teachings

Seven Sacred Teachings

  • LOVE (Eagle)
    Improving ourselves to support others
  • RESPECT (Buffalo)
    Building relationships through mutual respect
  • COURAGE (Bear)
    Facing challenges head on
  • HONESTY (Sabe)
    Communicating openly & honestly
  • WISDOM (Beaver)
    Building knowledge for the greater good
  • HUMILITY (Wolf)
    Communicating openly & honestly
  • TRUTH (Turtle)
    Living these principles every day

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