HR Management

We’ll help you set up, manage and maintain a human resources structure, then develop and implement effective human resources (HR) policies tailored to your community. We also offer empowerment, training and support for board members, managers and employees.

Governance Coaching

We provide governance coaching and training for Chief & Council as well as visioning workshops for communities to help develop a clearer vision and path for effective self-governance. We’ll discuss your options for transitional governance and help you turn your vision into concrete decisions leading to a plan that will set you firmly on the path of change.

Hardware Setup

With or without information technology professionals in your community, we can help you understand how to set up and use computer hardware and programs. Our courses will teach you everything from how to install and support basic hardware to tiered learning for Microsoft Excel or software programs like Adagio and PayDirt.

People woking on computers in two rows in a classroom.A body of water with large, smooth, granite rocks near the shore.

Risk Management

If your community has a problem or situation that requires risk management, we can provide professional, non-partisan, strategic advice and developmental assistance. We’ll partner with you to help research, analyze and evaluate the issues, then develop tools and options to address the issues, and prepare a presentation that includes reports and recommendations.

Government Negotiation

If you are a First Nations leader or manager who is mandated to negotiate on behalf of your community or organization, we’ll help you navigate the complex or unfamiliar environments of Federal and Provincial governments.

Upcoming Operational Support Workshops

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